Milla Fedorova (j_pinchikov) wrote,
Milla Fedorova

this fall I have been taking theatrical movement classes at Synetic Studio, and it was one of the best things I did for myself this semester. Even when I was so tired after teaching my own classes that wanted only to crawl home and lie on the sofa and read and snooze, I dragged myself to the studio - and returned home absolutely happy and energetic. And I am very proud that I didn't skip a single lesson.
The class had a progression from individual techniques and movements to moving together as a group, as a class; from a drill of physical exercises to more complicated assignments like staging a small scene from Shakespeare as a pantomime (silent Shakespeare is what Synetic is famous for, among other things). The most mind-bending exercise was a succession of movements when your right and left part of the body are performing different movements, and I did feel that it is doing something important to my brain, opening some new possibilities.
It was fun taking the class with friends: I am very glad that Maya Ormsby and Anya Melyakova took it with me, and it was very interesting to meet new people, some of them were professional actors, some just people who wanted to be more in contact with their bodies.
Our instructor Alex - and a couple of times other instructors, all of them with their own individual styles of teaching and performing, even though they themselves physically are super-humans were gentle and tolerant with us.
An additional bonus: now in the theater I understand and see more in terms of movement techniques - it is similar to understanding a work of literature on the level of sounds and morphemes.
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